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The BMW Rider Training courses are created and overseen by Ian Biederman who has been working in the motorcycle training industry since 1990. He brings his unique style of teaching to every course conducted at the school, ensuring that all people attending are given the relevant guidance for their individual needs.

BMW Rider Training offers a comprehensive range of courses, from Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and Direct Access (DAS) for novice riders, through to advanced post-test training for experienced motorcyclists.

The quality of training is defined first and foremost by the quality of the trainer. There are many schools out there, and lots are small operations set up by experienced riders. However, an experienced and capable rider does not necessarily make a good trainer.

Our training team is very special as it comprises RoSPA Diploma Instructors and current serving police officers. All much more highly qualified and specialist than simply a CBT or DAS Instructor.

The other key factor is the quality of the equipment and facilities. We solely use BMW motorcycles for all of our training, from the very start of your journey and up to the highest levels. These bikes are all under one year old, equipped with ABS, heated grips - and we have low seat models available. We have industry leading facilities and a CBT / Module 1 training arena on site at our training centre.

We don’t profess to be the cheapest, just the best.

We will have our Unique Rolling Road on display at Young Rider Focus for you all to try (no riding experience or ability is required). This machine can allow anyone to learn the basic processes involved in riding a motorcycle in a safe and contained environment. With this machine we can teach throttle and clutch control, gear changing and an understanding of the steering inputs required to ride all without the motorcycle moving from its platform.

Ian Biederman, Director |  www.bmwroadskills.co.uk | Tel: 08000 131 282 | E: ian@bmwroadskills.co.uk


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that if airbags were removed from all UK cars, KSIs would increase significantly. Yet when a motorcyclist falls off his bike at 20-70mph, as long as he has a well made jacket with an industry standard back protector and good gloves, we expect him to survive without serious injury.

Fortunately, in 2018 the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) recognized the importance of airbag protection and made it manditory for all Moto GP races. The huge safety benefits airbags can bring are now cascading down the racing channels into grass roots racing.

The UK public sector is also now understanding the benefits airbags bring to the safety of PTW riders. 14 UK police forces are now wearing airbag protection, as are all London Ambulance Motorcycle Paramedics.

Steven Godfrey, clinical team leader of the London Ambulance Motorcycle Response Unit, said: “The London Ambulance Motorcycle Response Unit puts the safety and  wellbeing of their riders first and foremost; this has led to the purchase of the Helite Turtle Air Vest, modified for emergency service use.

"It offers far greater protection than standard jacket armour. It protects the thorax and spine from direct impact and supports the base of the helmet, preventing neck injury through limiting hyper-flexion and hyperextension of the neck. This greatly reduces the risk of not only minor injuries - but life changing or life threatening injuries also. Wearable airbag technology for motorcyclists should be seen as the current gold standard in protection.”

On our stand at Young Rider Focus, we will do FREE demonstrations all day to show the amazing benefits airbag protection brings to today's motorcyclists.

Peter Riley | Airvest Ltd/Helite UK | T: 01132 843497 | www.airvest.co.uk

TSO (The Stationery Office), part of Williams Lea Tag, is proud to be the official publishing partner of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

To view the full range of official DVSA products and publications, including The Official Highway Code, please visit www.safedrivingforlife.info/shop

Produced in partnership with DVSA, the Safe Driving for Life website is a one-stop information resource for riders of all abilities. Whether you’re a learner just starting out, an instructor or an experienced professional rider, Safe Driving for Life has materials to help you learn and continue to improve your riding skills.

TSO also produces The Official DVSA Learning Zone, which can be found at www.dvsalearningzone.co.uk. With all the latest official DVSA motorcycle theory test questions and answers and over 100 high-quality hazard perception clips, it’s the perfect online tool to help you prepare for your motorcycle theory test. You can start revising straight away on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Since 2001, Westcotec has been at the forefront of the vehicle activated sign industry. Based in the centre of Norfolk, we have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of quality vehicle-activated signs in the UK.

Vehicle-activated signs
Using the latest LED and radar technology, we are able to provide effective solutions to most traffic related safety problems using light emitting symbols and legends for warning signs and roundels from the Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions (TSRGD). Westcotec give a full six-year UK warranty with all fixed signage.

Portable signs
Portable, lightweight signs can be carried and installed on different sites by a single person. They are battery-powered and include a full 12-month warranty covering everything apart from vandalism, impact damage and theft. Extra bracket sets can be purchased in order to easily move the sign without having to move the bracket.

Interactive road signs: consultancy, installation and service
The installation of interactive signing needs careful thought and design. We can provide skilled, professional advice and guidance to ensure that clients are able to achieve effective schemes at best value. We can install and service your signs. We can repair and maintain other manufacturer’s signs, subject to survey.

Externally triggered signs
A number of sensors and triggers from external sources can be used to activate a set display on an LED sign. An example of such system is a low bridge warning sign to divert over height vehicles, as well as a flood warning sign which displays depth of the water.

Solar and wind power
Where a location lacks mains power or where mains power costs are prohibitive, solar and/or wind power is used on signs and systems. These signs are powered by 12V batteries recharged by solar panels and/or wind generators. These have a low-maintenance requirement and are vandal-resistant. If you are considering this as an option then a site survey is essential. This is provided free of charge.

Declared aim
Our declared aim is to bring the technology of the future, to today’s roads. In-depth discussions with clients on their specific requirements has enabled Westcotec to gain the most comprehensive experience with road safety systems in England.


FirstBike magazine is an annual, 52-page, A5 magazine, part of a suite of road safety resources published by Firstcar Limited. Packed full of useful information and expert advice covering a whole range of biking topics, it’s designed to inform, enthuse, engage and excite those young riders who are currently learning or have recently started motorcycling.

Aimed at 16-24 year olds, FirstBike targets bikers from 16 as they take their CBT right through to qualifying for their A1, A2 and full A licence.

Published in March, and reprinted in August, 60,000 copies are distributed over a 12-month period and are used by road safety professionals as part of their educational programmes.

There is an underlying road safety theme subtly running throughout the magazine and this appeals to the government road safety teams who buy and distribute the magazines in schools, colleges, universities and at events, where they engage with young motorcyclists, as well as at select CBT centres.


Richard Storrs, Commercial Director, FirstCar | M: 07707 56 44 22 | E: richard.storrs@firstcar.co.uk
Russell Whitehouse, Sales Director | M: 07716 154 584 | E: russell.whitehouse@firstcar.co.uk


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