Mike Abbott, British Superbike School

Mike Abbott MBA is a time-served automotive engineer (Ford) and has been riding motorcycles for over 50 years, road racing at club level for 16 of them. He is a qualified FE teacher and management consultant, a RoSPA motorcycle instructor, a licenced DVSA ERS trainer and a Level ll ACU road race coach.

In 2012 he worked with Andy Adlington of Derbyshire County Council to create and deliver 'SharpRider' TM, a new concept of a day's classroom theory based on the DVSA's Enhanced Rider Scheme. This was then adopted by Leicestershire CC and Safer Roads South Yorkshire. He also launched the British Superbike School the same year, originally a Notts Motorcycle Forum Initiative, with support from South Yorkshire Police, which has just completed its seventh year of operation, with the aim for 2019 of attracting riders as young at 11 years old to learn motorcycle handing skills away from road hazards.

Presentation - 'TWANG'  TM (Twist and Go) - safety training initiative for young riders for Safer Roads South Yorkshire
'Twang' TM is delivered in a workshop style and was developed from 'SharpRider' with help from colleague Dave Bryant, a local DVSA riding instructor (now examiner) and IAM national observer, to produce a half day course focussing purely on young riders. It was further developed after the pilot, based on completed questionnaires to assess training needs.

The course focusses on the particular situation of young riders, their vulnerability, the specific threats to their safety and how they can manage these to minimise the identified risks, which are covered in detail.

The course also covers Attitude, Conspicuity, Anticipation, and uses Notts CC's 'Know the Dangers' for the high risks at T junctions, Positioning, Rear Observation, Reaction Times, Stopping in Time and Reducing the Risk of Injury.

The workshop is broken up with videos, with rider input encouraged through open questions, an optional slow riding competition - and is available in PowerPoint for use by any organisation for non-commercial purposes.

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