Ian Biederman, Owner, BMW Rider Training School

Ian Biederman has been instructing for 29 years in which time he has trained over 10,000 customers and amassed more than 1,500,000 motorcycle miles. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his teaching and has a unique and personable training ethic which he imparts on his whole team who work with riders of all ages and standards - whether that be starting out, taking their test, returning to riding or improving their skills.

Ian's qualifications include: DVSA Direct Access and CBT qualified; RoSPA Gold and RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction; and IAM Masters – Distinction.

Ian created the unique and award winning ‘Rookie to Rider’ scheme where an individual can gain their full motorcycle licence, a complete motorcycle outfit and a bike for a low cost input.

Learning to ride has become expensive and complex. Partly due to the regulations and test requirements, the complex understanding of traffic attitudes, but largely due to the changing abilities and needs of the student.

To aid and accelerate this process Ian has invented and created a unique Rolling Road where anyone can learn the basic processes involved in riding a motorcycle in a safe and contained environment. With this machine we can teach throttle and clutch control, gear changing and an understanding of the steering inputs required to ride all without the motorcycle moving from its platform.

Presentation: The changing face of rider training
Our sanitised lifestyle makes learning to ride a motorcycle a much greater challenge even for an existing road user. The difficulties and complexities combined with negative media coverage can put off many a person desiring the benefits of two wheels.

Younger riders are more often than not put off by the frustrating and costly legislation imposed upon them. To gain their full licence they need to take the module 1 and 2 tests twice. This puts off many budding motorcyclists, thus creating a void in the industry where younger riders are deterred from taking their tests. The long term effects of this will be felt throughout the industry - with the numbers of new riders shrinking, the motorcycle industry as a whole will decline further.

Our commitment to the continuance of motorcycling for the next generation is our free A2 to A licence upgrade; If a 19-23-year-old learner attends the school, they receive their upgrade from the A2 licence to full A licence free of charge.

This combined with the Rookie to Rider scheme makes for an extraordinary opportunity for the younger riders coming in to motorcycling.

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